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A human dog bite victim usually can recover full compensation from the homeowners insurance policy or renters insurance policy of the dog’s owner, harborer or keeper

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Kenneth Phillips absolutely is the country’s leading legal expert in the handling, litigation and strategy of dog bite cases

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Kenneth M. Phillips is the only lawyer in the USA who has represented only dog bite victims since the 1990’s. The press call him

  • “The dog bite king” (Today Show and Lawyers Weekly).
  • “A leading expert in dog bite law” (Good Housekeeping)
  • “The nation’s best-known practitioner of terrier torts” (Los Angeles Times).
  • “The senior specialist in representing dog attack victims worldwide” (Animals 24/7)
  • “The nation’s undeniable legal expert and strategist in matters of dog bites” (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette)
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These outstanding achievements are why Attorney Kenneth M. Phillips has been called “the senior specialist in dog bite cases in the U.S. and very likely the world” (Animals24-7.org).


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Attorney Phillips has made a profound impact in the legal arena, with a track record of winning cases, crafting impactful legislation, supporting dog bite lawyers, and fearlessly voicing his opinions on crucial issues.

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